No wish to dignify Wikileaks by commenting: PC

Kolkata: Home Minister P Chidambaram today said he did not wish to "dignify" the contents of the WikiLeaks cables and that certain persons who had send them have "privately apologised" to him for the damage caused.

"I do not wish to dignify the Wikileaks cables," he told reporters when asked about Left Front chairman Biman Bose`s allegation quoting US cables that Washington wished to cultivate Trinamool Congress as it could come to power in West Bengal.

"Some of the people whose cables have appeared have offered private apologies for the damages caused," he said while declining to name them.

Noting that the cables were not minutes of a meeting, but only one person`s understanding of a situation, Chidambaram said, "Many of these authors have very poor understanding. We should not dignify these."