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No compromise with corruption in BJP-ruled states

Bangalore: With land and mining scams dogging the BJP government in Karnataka, BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday said his party will not make any compromise with corruption in the states ruled by it.

Advani, whose anti-graft yatra entered Karnataka, also continued his attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, accusing him of leading independent India`s "most corrupt government." "Good governance cannot co-exist with corruption…I am not saying this only to the Congress. I am telling this to me also…If there is corruption in party-ruled governments, we will not compromise.

I have said this earlier also in Karnataka that I will never defend corruption. There is no doubt in this," he told a public meeting, organised as part of his `Jan Chetna Yatra`, at National College Ground here. "If I talk about wrongs in the government, wrongs in the Congress then I will not accept it within our governments too," he said in his 45-minute address at the rain-hit rally.

Faced with fresh allegations of corruption against two Karnataka ministers, the BJP leader however said graft allegations will have to be proved first. He was highly critical of the Prime Minister over the manner in which his government secured the majority in the vote of confidence in 2006 after the Left withdrew support on the issue of Indo-UD nuclear agreement.

In this context, he termed the "cash for vote" scam as the biggest scam ever saying that such a scam would not happened anywhere else in the world. "The 2G scam may be a very big scam but cash for vote scam is the biggest scam ever," he said. Advani said he never wanted to do another Yatra like this but this cash for vote scam "made me angry and forced me to undergo this Yatra" to awaken the people of the country. .

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