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New procedure helps woman conceive and get a child

Coimbatore: A city-based fertility centre claims to have achieved a rare feat in helping a woman to conceive and deliver a baby by Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), the second such case in India.

Komalapriya of Erode district in Tamil Nadu, who underwent the procedure, delivered a baby girl a week ago at Iswarya Women`s Health and Fertility Centre by ICSI method, said to be at the research stages in the World, Dr Chandralekha, Chairperson of the Centre, said.

The breakthrough was possible by injecting the sperm of Komalapriya`s husband into the woman`s egg, which was preserved by freezing, by the ICSI Procedure, she said.

The couple who did not have a child even six years after marriage approached the centre and had undergone artificial insemination method to bear a child, which was not successful.

Stating that the husband`s sperm count was not potent enough for his wife to conceive naturally, Chandralekha said the Centre preserved wife`s eggs using Oocyte Vitrification method and stored it at minus 196 degree Fahrenheit.

The Centre managed to improve the potency of the sperm, which was injected into the the egg, after bringing down to 37 degree Celsius, after two months, she said.

The first attempt itself was successful, which was a major boon to the childless couple, Chandralekha said.

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