In two separate Manjuvirattu (bull taming) competitions, two people were killed in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. The deceased have been identified as Ganeshan, a spectator, and Bhoominathan, a bull tamer.

Manjuvirattu is similar to Jallikattu in which the bull is allowed to run in an open space with people watching from the sidelines. In some cases, currency notes are tied to the neck of the bull which the particpants can take.

During a Manjuvirattu competition at K. Rayavaram near Pudukottai, the bull after being unleashed gored Ganeshan, a spectator who had come with his friends and family members, to death.

In another incident, a bull tamer named Bhoominathan was gored to death during a Manuverattu event at Madurai. Four deaths have already been reported in the present season of Jallikattu in the past two days.