Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Kochi on Monday evening for his two-day trip to Kerala dressed in typical local attire, took everyone by surprise when he decided to walk for a while on the streets during his road show .

As per the actual programme, PM Modi was supposed to move in his official vehicle. However, he surprised one and all when he decided to walk down the streets.

Thousands of people who were waiting for a long time looked surprised when they saw PM Modi walking past them, waving hands.

As he walked, people showered flowers on him.

After walking for 20 minutes, he got into his vehicle and was standing and greeting the people who were seen waiting on either side of the roads, and also on top of the buildings.

Soon, he reached the venue to a warm welcome, and greeted the guests on the dais.

On Tuesday, he will arrive at the state capital to flag off the state's first Vande Bharat train and also launch a slew of projects.

Around noon, he will fly to Surat.