Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated Shivamogga airport in poll-bound Karnataka.

He also stressed that the double-engine government of BJP in the state and at the Centre are ensuring speedy development.

Addressing the huge gathering, Modi stated that the BJP government has put the state of Karnataka in the mode of development. "Karnataka is on the chariot of development. The double-engine government has increased the speed of development," he said.

"The BJP government is putting in all efforts to take development to villages, tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The party also changed the narrative of development confined only to major cities and surrounding areas," the Prime Minister stated.

There is a mood of air travel in the country. Air India's identity during the rule of Congress was about scams, bad business models. Today Air India is showcasing India's strength to the world, Modi explained. Air India has made a deal to purchase world's biggest flights and today there is debate in the world about the Indian aviation market, he underlined.

"In the coming years, there will be a requirement for thousands of planes in India. Thousands of youth will get employment in this sector. Presently, planes are imported from foreign countries. Soon, they will be manufactured in India and days are not far when Indians travel in made in India flights," the Prime Minister explained.

"Before 2014, only big cities had airports. There was no policy to build airports in smaller cities. Before 2014, only 74 airports were built in seven decades. The BJP government has built 74 new airports in nine years. When airports are built, foreigners with dollars and pounds visit and there would be employment opportunities," Modi said.

He stressed that the BJP government is totally focused towards minimising the difficulties of mothers and sisters. "Building of toilets, providing gas and water through taps to the door steps are designed and executed to serve the purpose. These programmes will get faster," he added.