Vikash Sharma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday praised the efforts of several self help groups from Odisha’s Sundergarh district for promoting millets, which is also termed as ‘super food.’

While addressing the nation during his monthly radio programme, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi said that the Milletpreneurs of Odisha are in the limelight these days.  

“A Self Help Group of about 1500 women of the tribal district Sundergarh is associated with the Odisha Millets Mission,”

The women members are making a variety of products from millets. Be it cookies, gulab jamun and cakes, these products made from millets are in high demand in the market. This is also attributing towards an increase in the income of the women, said Modi.

“The United Nations has taken the decision of both International Yoga Day and International Year of Millets after India's proposal. Secondly, yoga is also related to health and millets also play an important role in health,” said PM Modi.

Apart from Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also lauded women from Karnataka and Bidar district who are associated with Hulsoor Millet Producer Company. The women are cultivating millets and as well as preparing flour.

Similarly, farmers of 12 states have also joined the FPO of Chhattisgarh and Sandip Sharma, who is associated with organic farming. This FPO from Bilaspur is making eight types of millets flour and dishes.

"Health drinks, cereals and noodles made from millets were showcased in the Millets Exhibitions at all G20 venues. Indian Missions around the world are also making a lot of efforts to increase their popularity,” said Modi.
Modi also urged people to visit the Millets Café in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, adding that items like Chilla, Dosa, Momos, Pizza and Manchurian are becoming very popular in this Millets Cafe which started a few months back.

Other Highlights From PM  Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

The Indian Institute of Science or IISC had 145 Patents in its name in 2022. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is setting a great example in the field of science and is creating record-breaking two patents every five days.

Almost seventeen types of precious metals can be extracted from E-Waste by using different process. This includes Gold, Silver, Copper and Nickel, so utilizing E-Waste is no less than making 'Kachra Ko Kanchan.

On February 2, it is World Wetlands Day. ‘Wetland sites’ means those places where water remains accumulated throughout the year on marshy soil-like land.

Chilika Lake in Odisha is known for sheltering more than 40 Water Bird Species.

The total number of Ramsar Sites has increased to 75.

Most of the World’s Ramsar Sites have a unique cultural heritage. 

Manipur's culture has a deep connection with Loktak and the sacred lake Renuka.

Ramsar Sites should have 20,000 or more water birds.