The driver of Utsarg Express train forgot to stop the train at Manjhi halt in Bihar’s Saran district leading to chaos at the platform.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening.

When the train driver realized his mistake, he stopped the train on a bridge which is located half-a-km from the Manjhi halt. The situation was as such that neither passengers could board or deboard from the train.

The Chapra-Farrukhabad Utsarg Express had started the journey from Chapra Junction railway station at 7 p.m. and had a stoppage at Manjhi halt at 7.26 p.m. The driver of the train forgot to stop the train at the railway station. This has led to chaos at the platform as many passengers felt that the train was having problems.

After stopping the train on the bridge, the driver and guard of Utsarg Express contacted the station master of Manjhi halt and informed about the goof-up. The station master further communicated to other station masters to stop trains coming on that track.

Utsarg Express finally moved in reverse till Manjhi halt and then the passengers were boarded and deboarded at the station. Due to this, the train went late for around 20 minutes.