As air quality in Delhi-NCR improved, Stage-IV actions under the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) have been revoked, Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) sub-Committee's order said on Saturday.

With this, the earlier order issued on November 5 rescinds.

While Stage-IV measures are lifted, the CAQM emphasises that actions corresponding to Stages I to III of the GRAP will remain in force.

The air quality across Delhi continues to be in the 'very poor' category on Saturday as the overall AQI of the city reached 340, according to data from the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR).

"The sub-Committee in its meeting further reviewed the air quality scenario in the region as well as the IMD/IITM forecasts for meteorological conditions and air quality index of Delhi," read the order by CAQM.

"The GRAP is an emergency response action plan invoked with a view to arrest further deterioration of adverse air quality scenario in NCR. (ii) Restrictions under GRAP Stage-IV are disruptive and impact a large number of stakeholders and public at large. (iii) In wake of the Delhi AQI falling 'Severe + Category (AQI crosses 450), the GRAP Stage-IV actions were invoked on November 2023 based on the AQI," it stated.

"As the present AQI level of Delhi is around 322 (Very Poor) recorded at 2:00 p.m which is about 128 AQI points below the threshold for invoking the GRAP Stage-IV actions and preventive/ mitigative/ restrictive actions under all Stages up to Stage-IV are underway, there is a likelihood of sustaining the improvement in AQI. The forecast by IMD/ IITM also do not indicate any steep degradation further," it said.

"The sub-Committee, accordingly, hereby decides to revoke the order, issued on November 5, 2023, for actions under Stage-IV of the GRAP with immediate effect. Actions under Stages-I to Stage-III of the GRAP shall however remain invoked and be implemented, monitored and reviewed by all agencies concerned in the entire NCR to ensure that the AQI levels do not slip further to the Severe'/ 'Severe +' category," it further stated.

"The sub-Committee shall be keeping a close watch on the air quality scenario and may take appropriate decisions depending on the air quality, as recorded from time to time, and the forecasts made by IMD/IITM to this effect," it added.