The Supreme Court lawyer, Jai Anant Dehadrai, who previously made allegations of bribery against Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, has recently penned a complaint to the Station House Officer (SHO) at Hauz Khas. In his complaint, he has accused her of unauthorised entry and intimidating his staff.

In his letter to the SHO on Tuesday, Dehadrai, stated that Moitra, Member of Parliament (Krishnanagar), came unannounced to his residence at Neeti Bagh, on November 5 at around 11 AM and on November 6 at around 9AM.

“Given her past history of filing fraudulent criminal complaints against me (24.03.2023 and 23.09.2023) and falsely alleging offences' such as trespass, and criminal intimidation, and thereafter withdrawing the same in writing (on 04.10.2023), it is a grave cause for concern to me,” he further stated.

“There is every possibility that Moitra might intentionally come to my residential premises with the sole objective of filing further fraudulent complaints against me. I have previously informed the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, on 19.10.2023 and then on 21.10.2023, regarding these fraudulent and bogus complaints which Moitra had foisted on me with the objective of using them as leverage to force/compel me to handover the custody of my pet dog,” he further stated.

“I have also flagged to the Commissioner the very serious threat to my life which I anticipate on account of the Complaints filed by me with CBI against Smt. Moitra and her associates/ accomplices (Complaints dated 21.10.2023 and 19.10.2023,” he stated.

“Thus, seen in this context, her arriving at my residential premises is a grave cause for concern as it intimidates my staff and also raises an important question as to why someone who claims an acrimonious past with me would deliberately arrive at my residence - that too, consecutively and two days in a row,” he further penned down.

“Notably, Moitra arrived in an Odisha number plate White Range Rover, belonging to Pinaki Misra MP on the first occasion, and on the second, she arrived in a White Innova Crysta belonging to Shri Vivek Gupta MLA, which is registered in the name of M/s Sanmarg Pvt. Ltd,” Dehrai claimed.

“My fear is that Moitra is using my pet Henry as an excuse to come personally to my residence in a bid to intimidate me. Considering that she has not only filed fraudulent complaints against me in the past (which she then withdrew), and is also the Plaintiff in a Suit filed against me pending in the Delhi High Court, I would consider it extremely suspicious and inappropriate for her to show up at my residence without any invitation or cause,” he stated.

“I would request you to take this Complaint on record and kindly ensure my safety. In the above stated context, you are requested to investigate the two separate incidents (her location can easily be checked by her CDR report), and take appropriate actions as per law. I have every reason to believe that Moitra and her close associate from Odisha are conspiring to cause physical harm to me as revenge for filing Criminal Complaints alleging corruption against them. I am requesting you once again to provide adequate security to me,” he claimed.

Dehadrai further in his letter has formally requested the SHO to register an FIR under the appropriate legal provisions against Mahua Moitra for trespass and intimidation outside his residence on November 5 and 6, 2023.

“Vide this Complaint, I request you to investigate the matter and register an FIR under appropriate provisions of law, against Smt, Moitra, and thereafter take necessary action as per law, on account of her intimidation and trespass outside my residence on 05.11.2023 and 06.11.2023,” the letter added.