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Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary of Union Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry, has termed piggybacking on regional news platforms by big tech firms as alarming and asserted that the government is concerned about it.    

Speaking on the theme ‘Future of Media’ at the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF)’s National Conclave in New Delhi on Friday, Sahay said some big broadcaster federations have already approached the Competition Commission of India on this issue and the outcome is awaited.  

During a panel discussion on the crucial issue, OTV’s Business Development Officer Litisha Mangat Panda, the youngest panelist at the conclave, raised concerns over tech platforms’ lack of transparency on the issue of revenue sharing.

“There are different news distribution outlets who take the charge of giving advertisements to us. There is no transparency in that. If we are giving you contents to display on your platforms where is my share of revenue and how do I know whose and which ad you are playing on my content so that you can give me royalty for the least and advertising revenue sharing is as it goes?” Litisha asked.  

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 “It is so unclear at the moment. Of course there is hope by looking at different countries but at the moment we are moving at a lightning speed. Do not you think there has to be some regulation in terms of revenue and monetisation especially when advertisement generation happens on my contents on different platforms? So where is that transparency and how can we get the transparency?” she asked.

Appreciating the crucial aspect, Sahay said, “I like this young blood speaking. I think that’s the angst of the generation. I mean they would not leave any kind of discrimination.” 

“We all know that Australia has prepared a law because the tech giants were not agreeing to the bargaining arrangements which was being offered by their competition commission. Then the parliament issued the law and it is being done,” he said.

Speaking about India, the joint secretary said, “Here also as I understand and I think all of you are aware that the matter is before the Competition Commission of India. Yesterday, there was a decision of the competition commission related to Google. That is on a different thing altogether.”

“But there is already a matter where I think some of the big broadcaster federations have already gone there. Let’s wait for the investigation and the results that would come from the competition commission. But yes it is an alarming factor if the content is mine and you piggy ride on my content and give me a pittance. It worries. Let us see how it shapes up but we are quite concerned about it,” he concluded.