Mysterious death of Kamakhya Nagar resident in London

Dhenkanal: A letter from London on Friday confirming the death of a man from Kamakhya Nagar’s Muktapasi village created shockwaves in his family here. 

Four years back, the deceased identified as Dushashan went to London and was employed as a cook in a private company there.

The letter handed to his family by the local police on Friday spread the news of his death in foreign shores; did not reveal anything about the details of his death including under what conditions he died. 

Dushashan reportedly had some conflict with his employing firm in London and now doubts of his mysterious death are linked to some unwanted incident which might have cost his life there.

According to Dushashan’s mother, Dushashan had some issues with the employing company involving a sum of Rs 30 lakh; which might be the reason of behind his death. 

“As we received the letter sent from Crime Branch, Cuttack to the district police; we delivered it to Dushashan’s family members,” said Udit Narayan Pani, Inspector- in-Charge, Kamakhya Nagar PS. 
The surviving members of Dushashan’s family which includes parents, wife and two daughters are in grave despair. His father pleads for an inquiry of his son’s mysterious death.

“We are only being informed about the death of our son after four months. And it is being very hard for us to believe this news. The matter should properly be looked into and the culprit should be punished,” said Golekh Sahu, Dushashan’s father.