Mountain specific planning need of the hour

Nainital: A mountain specific planning is the need of the hour to ensure the flow of ecosystem services such as clean drinking water and decomposition of wastes, according to Prof Martin Price, a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

"As mountains cover 24 per cent of the land surface, a mountain specific planning is needed to ensure the flow of ecosystem services," he said.

"Mountains provide valuable ecosystem services at local, regional and global levels. The climate change adaptation measures need to be developed with an ecosystem approach," Prof Price said at the inauguration of the International Geographical Union`s conference on `Local and regional responses to Globalisation in the Mountains and Marginal areas of the World`.
About 12 per cent of the humanity reside in mountains and it has been estimated that about 50 per cent of the rural mountain population in developing countries are vulnerable to food security, the Nobel laureate, also the Director of Centre for Mountain Studies, UK, said.

During the keynote address on the occasion Dr Andreas Schild, Director General of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal, said that receding glaciers is a major cause of concern and called for a collaboration of efforts between science and development sectors.