Moon to be closest to Earth in 18 yrs on March 19

Kolkata: The moon will look bigger, may be 16 percent larger, on March 19 when the full moon will be closest to the earth in the last 18 years, offering a special treat for the skygazers.

Moon goes round the earth in an elliptic orbit and that makes it come closer to the blue planet, the closest point being termed as the perigee, M P Birla Planetarium director D P Duari said.

The average distance between the moon and the earth is around 3,84,440 kms. "But at the perigee, the distance can be close to around 3,57,000 km," he said.

"On March 19, in addition to being a full moon, it will also be at the perigee and the earth-moon distance will be around 3,56,577 kms, which is the closest in the past 18 years," he said.