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Modi is “marketing” himself for PM post: Congress

Indore: Congress on Sunday alleged that Narendra Modi is busy these days in "marketing" himself for the post of Prime Minister, even though there is no consensus on the Gujarat Chief Minister within his own party.

"With an intention to become Prime Minister, Modi is these days marketing himself despite the fact that his own party leaders are not unanimous in declaring his candidature for the top post," Congress General Secretary in-charge of Madhya Pradesh B K Hariprasad told reporters here.

He said Modi's focus was on becoming the Prime Minister while on the other hand Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was talking about strengthening the hands of common man. "This is the big difference between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi," he said.

"A person who is weak is always looking for a post, while a strong man always sits confidently in the house thinking that people will elect him one day on the basis of his good work," he said.

The Congress General Secretary also dismissed the claim made by the BJP leaders that Modi has ensured all round development of Gujarat under his leadership.

"Gujarat was never lagging behind. It has been always ahead for long as far as development is concerned. Business and commerce acumen is always there in the blood of Gujaratis and they are not dependent on any government for their development," Hariprasad said.

"Ambanis and Tatas have established their industrial units in Gujarat and no Chief Minister can take credit of development of Gujarat all of a sudden," he said.

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