Mission missing in coalition government: Munda

Ranchi: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda has admitted that coalition politics rarely allowed a government to "walk on a mission", putting together ideas and issues in order to make any project a success.
"For development, one should embark upon a mission, which is so crucial to turn the input into output (putting together the government's progressive projects). And to accomplish this feat is very difficult in a coalition government due to some compulsions (of coalition politics)," he said in an interview to PTI here.
"But I tried to the maximum extent to maintain good relations with coalition partners on issues of the state's requirements … and how we should go together keeping the state's development in mind. During the two years of governance, work did happen well … under President's rule, I hope good work will be carried forward," he added.
Munda said he was still puzzled over why JMM withdrew support to his government on January 8. He said he would respect the people's verdicts, which threw up fractured mandates in 2005 and 2009 assembly polls.
"We respect the mandate and had made efforts to run the government. But the people should also think that the state should get a proper mandate, in which accountability could be assured," he said, hinting that in a coalition government ruling political parties get away from accountability by blaming each other.
"Time waits for none, and if the growth pattern is not set properly then the people would face problems and difficulties," Munda said in a reference to Jharkhand's creation twelve years ago and the people still witnessing political uncertainty that saw eight governments and three spells of Presidents rule.