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Ramakanta Biswas

A human leg and a hand having stitch marks on them were found dumped in a heap of garbage along the road on the backside of Ram Mandir in Bhubaneswar on Thursday evening. 

Some local residents spotted the limbs lying on the garbage dump in the evening hours and contacted the police. The inspector-in-charge of Kharvel Nagar police station and other staff rushed to the spot and launched a probe into the matter. 

"It seems the limbs are very old and kept using preservatives. There are stitches on the limbs. However, the exact information regarding the body parts will be ascertained after the post mortem," said the inspector-in-charge of Kharvel Nagar police station. 

"We will inquire into the matter and verify all aspects of the case. The investigation is now at a preliminary stage and it is not right to give any opinion at this point," he added. 

"We will send the parts to AIIMS Bhubaneswar and the doctors at the institute will verify how old the body parts are. Then we will verify as to how the body parts ended up in the garbage dump," the IIC said.

There are rumours that the body parts might have been dumped by a medical institute which is just a stone throw away from the spot. 

Asked about the institute, the IIC said, "As a medical institution is near the spot, it will be taken under the purview of investigation and accordingly the truth will be established."

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