Men are worst drivers

London: Women have for long been waiting for this news- men are the worst drivers.

A new study has found that men are twice as likely to  crash because of distractions; more than one in 10 who had an  accident admitted it happened after they became distracted at  the wheel, compared with one in 20 women.

A third had experienced near misses after losing their concentration, but only a fifth of women said the same.

The most common distraction for men was adjusting the car stereo, with 76 per cent per cent admitting it made them take their eyes off the road, according to the study, based on a survey by Santander Insurance.

Two-thirds became distracted by having a soft drink or eating while half lost concentration when handling a CD.

More than a quarter admitted talking on a mobile phone while driving, the `Daily Express` reported.

While 96 per cent of drivers acknowledged texting in the car was dangerous, a quarter still regularly did it. Map-reading, shaving, kissing and reading a newspaper were also common causes of crashes for men, the study found.

Women were half as likely to become distracted by most of these things.