Making crorepatis in minutes, KBC way

Bhubaneswar: Who does not want to be a crorepati? While it takes a lifetime to fulfill that ambition, one of the most popular TV shows in history, dream merchant "Kaun Banega Crorepati" produces one in minutes. All that one has to do is to correctly answer at least 12 questions to grab one crore and one more question to grab a whopping five crore. And all that while spending laughter and lighter moments with another dream merchant, mega-star Amitabh Bachhan. The show now comes to an end on November 20. It is the fifth edition of the mega show. While it is not known when will its sixth edition commence, it has undoubtedly left many a sweet and sour memories.

Two episodes of the show will be etched in the minds of million viewers. The first one first. It was computer operator Sushil Kumar from Motihari in Bihar. Sunil answered correctly all the 13 questions using all the lifelines, of course. An amount that would change his lifeline. Inyerestingly, the episode was watched by 25 million viewers, a record so far in the history of non-fiction category. The second one was a bank manager and he too was from Bihar. He won one crore and question  on chilly chilled him so much that he did quit and did not attempt the question for five crores.

In between shows, cinestars graced the show and there was ample public entertainment. Rosalin bardhan, wife of slained Odisha police officer too came on the show. That was undoubtedly the most emotional episode of KBC.

After the shoot of the last episode of KBC Amitabh seemed to have become extremely emotional. His twitter reflects it. For Amitabh, KBC was a kind of personal relaunch even. When his career graph had plumetted and he was in a financial soup, Sony offered him the anchor`s role and the rest as they say is history. His style of presentation became such a trademark that, King Sahrukh Khan looked too timid on the third version of the show. Now, millions of viewers, after November 20, will have to wait for an unknown period to see again contestants making millions in minutes.