Odishatv Bureau

Everyone has habits, some have good and some have bad habits, there is nothing wrong with them. Some are useful, but other bad habits like biting your nails might not be beneficial. 

Breaking unwanted habits is too difficult, but we can try to ease the process - 

Nail-biting deterrent polish - It can be used to finally keep your nails out of your mouth. This tastes bitter in flavour and promotes nail growth. Prepare for a hand that's worthy.

Flexible curling rods - You never have to sacrifice your healthy hair for styling and heating. Hot tools can harm your hair badly through hair loss and breakage. Flexible curling rods can help you naturally with hair curling.

Time-marked water bottle - This is useful to keep promising of drinking water from time to time. This bottle is beautifully designed for motivational phrases for each gulp from morning to evening. This will help you ensure you drink water and stay hydrated all day.

Hydrocolloid acne pimple patch - This helps to stop picking at your face, these patches gently suck the gunk out of your skin and stop you damaging your skin by hand. You can finally say bye bye to pimples and acne caused by constantly touching your face. 

Reusable shopping bags - These eco-friendly reusable  plastic bags can be folded into small pouches. It is water resistant anṣd can be thrown into the washer when it starts to look dirty. This  will help to save fees that store charges for shopping bags. 

Waterpik flosser - Regular string floss can make the process boring and unpleasant but this device is seamless. You will have no excuse when it comes to flossing. Hold the device up to the teeth and water will help you  in flossing.