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Here are some points which you should remember while you are interacting with your crush.

Try To Be A Friend 

The beginning of all good things is friendship. Be there for your crush. Make time for him/her. Make your crush feel that you're a person that he/she can trust. Before trying to become someone more special in his/her life, you should focus on becoming a good friend first.

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Make Her Laugh

Having a good sense of humour is really important to impress someone. It shouldn't look like you're trying too hard to grab attention. Appreciate your crush while trying to make him/her laugh at you. Tell them how good they look with that smile on their face. The fact that you can be funny or pass jokes will not only make your crush smile, but you will be able to get him/her to like you as well. You will both have fun with shared laughter!

Be A Good Listener 

An important aspect of being a good friend begins with a good foundation of friendship. If you want to be a good friend, you must also be an excellent listener. Break the ice by listening to what the other person has to say. If you have good listening skills and are empathetic, you are more likely to be liked by the other person. Don't interrupt when they are talking and respond appropriately after they have finished. However, you shouldn't appear to be constantly thinking about what to respond to.

Be Yourself 

One of the most important things you can do is to just be yourself. It sounds obvious, but it’s the best way to impress your crush. Genuine authenticity is easily recognized by people. Similarly, they can spot a super fake person just as easily at the same time. Do what you are best at, play to your strengths, and be as authentic as you can.

Be Kind

Although you'll be nice to your crush, it's even more impressive to show that you're also kind to everyone else around you. Be mindful of those around you, tip well, and show respect to service employees, and your crush will be amazed at how wonderful you are.

These few pointers will offer you a gentle nudge on the right path. It's up to you to close the transaction.

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