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Karat warns cadres against indulging in vices

Kozhikode: The CPI(M), engaged in reviewing the reverses it suffered in the Lok Sabha and the recent assembly polls, is also confronting the charges of alcoholism and immoral behaviour of the party cadres. The party, which is meeting at the 20th congress, here has cautioned its cadres against indulging in vices like alcoholism and immoral behaviour generally associated with members of bourgeois parties.

The political and organisational review report, presented by party General Secretary Prakash Karat, also criticises the leaderships in Kerala and West Bengal which failed to take timely and stern action against such deviations.

On the ills plaguing the party as mentioned in the report, Karat told reporters on Thursday that it did not mean that CPI(M) was a party of alcoholics and persons with other vices. "That shows that in imposing our discipline, in correcting or taking action against party members at various levels, these are the type of charges that have come. That does not mean my party has become a party of alcoholics. I don`t think that is the implication", Karat said.

The report cites allegations of corruption, alcoholism, substance abuse and misdemeanour towards women that cropped up against some party cadres and recommends stringent action against such persons. Such ills had afflicted the party cadres as the state units had not been able to diligently carry out the "rectification campaign" launched in the party years ago, Karat says in the report.

Factionalism, misuse of positions in the party, breach of party principles and sexual harassment are some of the allegations levelled against certain leaders in the party`s bastions of Kerala and West Bengal, says the report, which analysed the reasons for the defeat of the party in the last assembly elections in the two states.

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