Jeffrey Archer to launch his 16th novel in India

New Delhi: Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer, who has been visiting India for the past few years to promote his books, is now gearing up to launch his new book first in the country ahead of a global launch.

Archer`s "The Sins of My Father", the second in his five -book Clifton Chronicles series would be released on March 3 at the World Book Fair that begins here on Friday. The author, himself would not be present at the launch.

The book published by Pan Macmillan India is a sequel to his "Only Time Will Tell" that was brought out last year. "I`m delighted my new book is coming out in India first, ahead of the rest of the world, because that`s how I feel about India FIRST! Can`t wait to come and see you all again. Best wishes, Jeffrey ", the British novelist said in a statement.

The "Sins of the Father", which explores family loyalties taking the reader from the backstreets of Bristol to the boardrooms of Manhattan and is expected to launch globally on March 15, is a sequel to his book "Only Time will Tell," published last year.

The Clifton Chronicles span years between 1920 to 2020, and follows the protagonist Harry Clifton and his life from his birth in the backs streets of Bristol, through his time at Oxford University and to the outbreak of war.

Archer had previously launched his book "And Thereby Hangs a Tale," in India in 2010 ahead of the global launch. The author was on a multi-city tour then and had decided to launch the book in Mumbai. Incidentally the book, a collection of 15 stories from different parts of the world included a story on an Indian couple falling in love.

Jeffrey Archer had visited India for the first time to promote his "A Prisoner of Birth" in 2008 and then in 2009 for his "Paths of Glory" followed by his visit in 2010. Archer, whose novels include "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less," "Kane and Abel" and "The Eleventh Commandment," has sold over 270 million books globally according to his publishers.

The 72-year-old author who began writing at the age of 34 had served five years in the House of Commons and 14 years in the House of Lords.

With sixteen novels, six sets of short stories, three plays (all of which have been performed in London`s West End), three children`s books, one gospel, and three volumes of prison diaries, he is published in 97 countries and 33 languages.

Archer has also written the screenplays for "False Impression" and "Paths of Glory."