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IT Tribunal order on Bofors payoff case

(image) New Delhi: As an income tax tribunal today said Rs 41 crore as commission were paid to late Win Chaddha and Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi in Bofors gun deal, BJP today trained the guns at Congress chief Sonia Gandhi`s plan to fight graft and demanded a SIT to look afresh at the whole issue saying there should be no cover-up.

"Ironically, for Sonia Gandhi this is a timely reminder that you do not need five points to fight corruption. You need just one point and that is to start sending the guilty to jail. And don`t cover-up," Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley told reporters.

He was referring to Gandhi`s recent five-point suggestion to her party members at the Congress plenary at Burari here to fight corruption. The government is also said to be mulling over bringing a legislation in this regard.

Jaitley alleged CBI, which was investigating the Bofors pay-off case and said no kickbacks had been paid, cannot be entrusted with the inquiry into this matter and so a Special Investigation Team (SIT) should be formed for this purpose.

"This is not a case of bribery alone…It was a collosal fraud," he said, wondering how CBI has not indicted Chaddha and Quattrochi while the Income Tax Tribunal had found the former guilty.

The senior BJP leader maintained that the Tribunal order was a case of "discovery of truth by default".

"This is the power of truth. We have always believed that truth has a very uncanny and inconvinient habit of coming out. The more you suppress it, the more it comes out. Truth also is very tenacious. You can`t keep it out for very long," Jaitley said.

BJP attacked the UPA-II government on the larger issue of corruption and ridiculed the recent offer of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to appear before the Public Accounts Committee on 2-G spectrum issue.

"This so-called offer to appear before PAC is not an offer. It has not convinced the Prime Minister`s no. 2 (Pranab Mukherjee) and how will it convince the opposition and the people of this country", Jaitley said.

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