iPhone application which helps choose healthy food

Melbourne: In a world first, Australian food scientists have launched an iPhone application which they claim would allow shoppers make healthier choices while buying packaged foodstuff from the supermarket.
A team at the University of Sydney says that the iPhone`s camera scans the barcode of packaged foods and instantly tells its owner the nutritional advice of the stuff via `FoodSwitch` application, thus helping reduce high levels of fat, salt and sugar from their diets.
"FoodSwitch`s three-step approach marries the latest technology with cutting edge research. Australians can now scan barcodes, see what`s in a food, and switch to a healthier choice in an instant," said Bruce Neal, senior director at the university`s George Institute for Global Health.
The application makes recommendations based on the nutritional value of more than 20,000 packaged food products found in Australian supermarkets, and is a product which took the scientists nearly three years to develop.
Heart disease, stroke and other diseases caused mostly by a poor diet are the biggest killers in Australia, and by simply switching to a healthier alternative, shoppers could be reducing risk of the illnesses, `sciencealert.com.au` reports.
The application will demystify nutritional labels and front of pack health claims, and give shoppers a true report of a product`s fat, sugar and salt levels. "Choosing a healthier diet has to be made easier, because good eating habits are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to prevent disease. For long, Australians have grappled with confusing food labels. And with FoodSwitch there is no reason why this should continue," Neal said.