Implement Sethusamudram project, says Karuna

Chennai: Raising the pitch for implementing the Sethusamudram project, which the ruling AIADMK Government is opposing, DMK Chief M Karunanidhi today sought to draw a parallel between it and the Kudankulam nuclear power plant saying "it is in the larger interest of people and to protect their livelihood".
Referring to the recent Supreme Court order on Kudankulam power plant which observed that the project benefit larger section of the people, Karunanidhi writing in his party organ "Murasoli" opined that same view should be adopted on Sethusamudram project.
He said, "the Sethusamudram project was also conceived to protect the livelihood of the people with a focus on the public welfare" and added his party would generate public opinion on the issue at the public meetings it planned to organise across the state on May 15.
"Sethusamudram project will enhance the livelihood of the people in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu", Karunanidhi said.
"Several people have voiced their support for the project for years. An appeal should be made only for the implementation of the project. Will any government go against such a project?", Karunanidhi asked.