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I am not at anyones mercy: Kiran Kumar to Jagan

New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Saturday virtually dared former Congress MP S Jaganmohan Reddy to pull down his government, bluntly telling him that he was not at his mercy.

"No one is at anyone`s mercy here. I`m not at anybody`s mercy. Everyone who is here are at the mercy of Congress party," he told a press conference here when asked about Jagan`s boast that the Chief Minister was surviving due to his mercy.

Jagan had told the media here recently that he was doing a great favour to the Congress. "As I`m a gentleman, your (Kiran Kumar`s) government is surviving. Had I told my MLAs to break away from Congress, your government would have collapsed long ago".

Dismissing allegations from Jagan, the Chief Minister said "no injustice from Congress party has ever been done to him or his family."

"We are very clear that madam (Sonia) Gandhi has got a very special place and liking towards (the late) Rajasekhar Reddy and she has encouraged Rajasekhar Reddy. That is the reason for his growth as the leader in the state."

Attacking Jagan, the Chief Minister, who met Gandhi today, said those people who are now talking have never been in politics nor have they helped Rajasekhar Reddy to win any election anywhere or Congress party.

"It is their entry into politics a year or two years back and we are the people here from the Congress party…the leaders here… we have been working with Rajasekhar Reddy for last 20 (to) 30 years," the Chief Minister said.

He reminded Jagan that Rajasekhar Reddy became the chief minister on both the occasions as the Congress Legislative Party had authorized Sonia Gandhi to select the CLP leader.

"So, if anyone is indebted to the Congress high command or Sonia Gandhiji or Congress party, it is Rajasekhar Reddy and the family of Rajasekhar Reddy (should be indebted towards Congress party)," Reddy said.

It is because of Congress that Rajasekhar Reddy has become a "tall" leader not only in the state but in the country, the Chief Minister said.

Besides he reminded Jagan, who quit Congress as also the Lok Sabha seat recently, that though his late father had differences he had never challenged the authority of the Congress high command.

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