Hindi movie lovers vying for English locales: Survey

Mumbai: Bollywood buffs seem to be interested more in watching the next chick flicks against the backdrop of London’s Millennium Bridge or the Angel Underground Station than the Alpine settings or Lake Thun landscapes of Switzerland.

According to a survey, Britain has emerged as the top-most destination for the film buffs.

When asked which top European destination they would like the most in a Bollywood movie, as many as 54 per cent (3,042 votes) voted in favour of English locales, followed by Germany with 19 per cent, according to a survey by travel search site Skyscanner carried out among 5,500 respondents on Facebook.

Switzerland, which has been the most-featured overseas destination in Bollywood flicks, particularly for the Yash Raj Films, is now being ranked only at the third slot with only 10 per cent of the respondents picking the landlocked country.

Italy, known for its Mediterranean beaches and beautiful terrains, is ranked fourth, but only by a meagre 4 per cent votes.

Interestingly, there are no takers for Sweden in the list of 10 top-most destinations for a movie-setting, which the Hindi cine-goers would like to see.

Bollywood flicks are gaining popularity globally and Hindi producers and directors are increasingly using international locations and cast for their films. Also, there is an increasing trend of English dialogues in their movies now.

Recent films such as the ‘Namastey London’ starring Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar, was shot largely in Britain, while another Hindi flick ‘Goal’ was entirely shot in the English isles.

Industry estimates suggest 15-20 Bollywood films were shot at least partly in Britain in the recent past.

“Films are a great way to showcase a destination and shed light on unique aspects such as culture, cuisines, historical sites, festivals, rural/city-scapes and tourist spots. Countries also gain a special status when depicted in a film,” Skyscanner India market development manager Kavitha Gnanamurthy said.

When a country is used as a location for movies, several interesting aspects of that country are highlighted and aesthetically showcased, which in turn encourage more people to visit that nation, Gnanamurthy added.