Gynecologist wins married beauty pageants crown

Kolkata: Gynecologist Pritha Das Mahapatra has been crowned `Srimati 2011`, the only beauty pageant for married women in eastern India.
Chaitali Dutta Chowdhury and Tamalika Dey were the first and second runners-up respectively in the contest held on Friday night, where initially 317 contestants had enrolled.

The jury comprised designer Raghavendra Rathore and eminent dancer Priti Patel besides two other celebrities.

"The contest is the celebration of women`s spirit and personality. I have an inkling these women will go far," Patel, also a noted Manipuri dancer, told reporters.

Chaitali, an IT professional, plans to join the fashion world while Pritha will take things as they come, the two said after winning the crown.

"I am confident of being able to combine my career of seeing patients, organising home and building an identity in the creative world at the same time," Pritha said.

The contestants had undergone a three-week long training and grooming session, diet chart and gym workouts under the supervision of model Nayanika Chatterjee. Besides personal care, trey were also imparted lessons of etiquette and pronunciation.