Govt will fulfil its duties: Khurshid

Farrukhabad: Senior Congress leader and Union Minister Salman Khurshid on Thursday made light of Anna Hazare`s call for not voting Congress if it failed to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

"The government would fulfill its duties and the people would fulfill theirs," Khurshid told reporters in his parliamentary constituency in Farrukhabad.

"In a democratic system, the rise and fall of new opponents is a process. But the government will not be affected or perturbed by it while discharging its constitutional duty," he added.
Anna Hazare had earlier appealed to the people to not vote for Congress if it failed to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

He was replying to a question on Hazare`s call for not voting Congress if the party did not bring the anti-corruption bill in the winter session of Parliament.

Hazare had on October 4 said that he would campaign against Congress in election-bound states if the Centre failed to get his version of the anti-corruption bill passed.

"If the Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed in the Winter Session, then I will name the Congress and ask people not to vote for it in the Assembly polls scheduled in five states next year," he had said addressing a press conference in his native village.

Khurshid also said that the government would bring four Bills in the coming session of Parliament.

The government would bring bills for changes in the electoral system, increasing retirement age of High Court Judges by three years and amending a few other laws, in the winter session, the Law Minister said.