Gourmets for the blushing bride

New Delhi: There is a memory attached to almost every meal of ours ! Be it the Chinese dinner nibbled through while tensely fixing a marriage proposal, the home cooked `baigan ka bharta` made to celebrate the landing of a job or the `jittery` gajar ka halwa a new bride prepares for the first time for her in laws.

Known for making cooking/dining a special experience, celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor`s new book `Wedding Collection` extends his take on gourmets for the blushing new bride.

Published by Popular Prakashan, the book introduces recipes which, he hopes, will be an invaluable asset to the start of a newly wed couple?s culinary journey together.

"This book comprises recipes from the exotic to the everyday, traditional to trendy, ethnic to the eclectic… an all rounder kitchen companion and guide and a perfect gift to be given to a bride or groom", says Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

"The book involves dishes for every occasion like meals for that romantic intimate occasion, easy-quick recipes to entertain friends and relatives and recipes to wow in-laws and win over your partner`s friends,"adds Kapoor who has become a household name through his famous cookery show Zee Khana Khazana.

The Khana Khazana chef who has authored more than 100 cookery books for all age groups has designed special packs of beverages, soups, salads, starters, vegetarian main courses, non-vegetarian main courses, rice and breads, dal and kadhi, pickles and chutneys, desserts in this book.

For Chef Kapoor, who debuted as a TV host in 1993 and has been giving culinary lessons since then, the idea of food in India is beyond the concept of just satisfying the hunger.

"There is much more to it. It is a symbol of love for a mother when she serves a plate of hot parathas to her kids.

It is a tradition when we offer halwa to idols on festivals and of course a sense of achievement for a girl who is learning to make a chapati round," he says.

To add more cherished moments, the master chef has recently launched his own 24 hour food and lifestyle channel called `Food Food`.

The channel will feature shows like `Sanjeev Kapoor`s Kitchen`, ` Firangi Tadka `, ` Sirf 30 Minute ` and Ready Steady Cook. Prominent personalities form the entertainment and food industry such as Chef Chinu, Chef Harpal, Chef Rakesh Sethi, and more will feature as part of the varied offerings on the channel.

The channel whose brand ambassador is Madhuri Dixit will be India`s first channel completely devoted to food, its history, its origin and much beyond.

"Indians have had a difficulty in connecting with the food shows aired on foreign channels due to different cooking techniques, unavailability of similar equipments, spices and vegetables.The channel will solely be dedicated to Indian food, its history, its origin and the various techniques involved," Chef Kapoor says.