Goa author comes out with book on casinos

Panaji: A Goa-based author has penned a comprehensive book on casinos across the country, including those in the tourist state.

The book "Indian Jackpot" written by Dinesh Patel, claims to be the first ever guide about casinos educating people what to do and what not to do if they are gaming at it.

The book will hit the shelves this month.

"Don't go overboard while playing. Use it as an entertainment tool and if you are going there to make money then you are sadly mistaken," Patel told PTI talking about his book.

Goa is the only state in India which has off shore casinos located in River Mandovi which are set on the ships.

Patel, who has been in the advertising and promotion of casinos across country, said the guide will help those who want to try out their hands in the casinos.

"It is the first comprehensive book on casinos that throws light on various aspects of the gaming industry, right from world and Indian history, types of casinos, different types of games, what to expect at a casino, what not to do, house advantage, gaming superstitions etc," he said.

While there has been stringent opposition for casinos in the state, the book speaks about economics of this industry, which has been hand in hand with tourism here.

"I have taken a peep into how casinos have created ancillary industries in Goa," Patel said.

Along with the book on casinos this year, Patel has also written a historical fiction on Goa's liberation 'Umbra of Disillusion'.

"Writing is a specialised field. And inherent literary talent is a must. Writing on professional topics is one thing, but creative writing is another ball game altogether," the writer quipped, who published a book on places to dine in Goa in 2006.