Global delicacies in Kolkata first cake buffet

Kolkata: Going beyond the traditional `rasgullas` and `sandesh`, sweet-toothed Kolkatans are now pampering their taste buds with a unique buffet of delectable cakes from across the world.

Though a popular concept in Europe, US and Japan, the concept of cake buffet has been introduced for the first time in the city by India`s largest bakery chain, The French Loaf.

Providing a heavenly delight for all taste buds, on the offer is an unlimited variety of cakes which break the usual monotonous desert style of having a plate of sweets.

"We are proud to be the first bakery and confectionery chain in India to showcase a buffet that comprises some of the best cakes in the city. Our objective is to let the cake lover indulge in not just one particular dessert, but in a whole range of flavours and textures," says the chain`s chef Brainard Colaço.

The buffet features over twenty five exquisitely-prepared favourites including fruit and chocolate cheesecakes, pies, truffles, mousse, profiteroles, rum balls etc.

Ever since the buffet system started last month, Kolkatans have been savouring on sizzling and mouth watering items like Linzer Torte, Tres Leche, Grand mere, Fresh Fruit Gateaux, Profiterols, and the Peach Strudel from the dessert shelf of the bakery.

Strict vegetarians are relishing eggless cakes while diabetics are feasting on sugar-free cakes.   The buffet is also acting as an informative platform for foodies as they are treated to desserts from across the world. Some of the ingredients used in the desserts like frozen fruits, raspberry, cranberry, cream cheese and Belgium chocolate are imported.

Baked the old fashioned way, with malted wheat and rye. Rye Bread gives more nutrition and fiber while French Opera pastry and Dutch herby cheese sandwich, topped with a rich creamy cappuccino, offers an international taste for gourmets.

Other cakes on the buffet menu are Black Forest, Croquembouche, Gateau St Honore Mille Feuille, Gooey Brownies, Blueberry Gateaux, German Chocolate Cake, Carrot cake, Chocolate Fudge, Opera, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake, Decadance, Apple Pie and Strawberry Fantasy.