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Gadkari lauds Nitishs contribution to NDA win

Guwahati: Buoyed by the Bihar verdict, BJP chief Nitin Gadkari on Saturday said Chief Minister Nitish Kumar`s leadership "contributed greatly" to the victory of NDA.

Noting that the importance of the BJP victory in the state was not a small success, he told the party`s National Executive here that the strike rate of 89 per cent is a historic feat in the annals of India`s electoral history.

"United party organisation, micro management at the grassroots level, right selection of candidates and above all credibility that we have painstakingly earned on the front of good governance are some of the key factors" for the victory, he said congratulating all senior leaders including Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi and state party chief C P Thakur.

He said, "I must also put on record my appreciation for the leadership of the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who has contributed greatly in this victory of NDA."

At the BJP office bearers meeting yesterday, the Deputy Chief Minister had submitted a report on the elections claiming that Muslims had voted in good numbers in some constituencies for the party.

Referring to the Bihar victory, Gadkari said this has been a good year for the BJP electorally.

Encouraged by the Bihar electoral outcome, Gadkari has entrusted senior leader Jaswant Singh with the task of searching new friends for the NDA to broadbase the opposition alliance at a time when the Congress-led UPA is facing crisis after crisis.

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