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Frequent use of SMS unwholesome : study

Indore: Sending or receiving an SMS is generally considered a harmless activity. However, according to a recently carried-out study, the seemingly innocuous SMSs could bring some disorders like uneasiness, anger or even sleeplessness!

The survey was conducted by Indore-based Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (MGMMC) on 150 youths aged between 18 and 25 years. The study concluded that those, who loved using Short Message Service (SMS) frequently, developed uneasiness, anger and sleeplessness.

"The youths in the habit of texting SMS, were falling prey to depression and fear," Dr Sanjay Dixit, Head of the Department at the MGMMG Community Medicine, said.

"Nearly 47 per cent females and 39 per cent males accepted that their text messaging habit hit their daily routine in some way. Around 60 per cent youths feel that the habit was even affecting their studies," he said adding that 40 per cent females and 45 per cent males admitted that they did not enjoy sound sleep.

"If there is no reply to the SMS, 55 per cent youths get upset, while 32 per cent feel dejected, presuming that no one wanted to be in their contact. Around 93 per cent turn anxious after they don`t get a reply to their SMS for a long time," the study says.

It further notes that nearly 41 per cent keep checking their mobile phone hand sets for reply after texting their SMS and this anxiousness is called `Textaphrenia`.

The survey noted that out of the 150 surveyed youths, 129 had bought different plans to lower the tariff charges of text messaging.

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