Fifteen-year-old girl gang-raped by juvenile and his friends

Raipur: A 15-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by a juvenile and three unidentified persons in Balodbazar district of Chhattisgarh, police said today.
"Based on the complaint of the girl, a case has been registered against a juvenile and his three unidentified friends for allegedly gang-raping the minor in Balodabzar yesterday," Balodabazar police station house officer Ramgopal Soni told PTI.
"As per girl's statement, she was taken to some unknown location by the minor boy on February 7, where he and his three friends gang-raped her," station house officer said.
The juvenile, who is resident of the same locality where the girl resides, is being interrogated, he said.
However, the girl denied knowing three others involved in the crime.