Fashion-designer to introduce chef as show-stopper

Kolkata: With Kolkata street food invaded by the Chinese cuisine and becoming a must for the gourmet, a prominent city designer has plans to introduce a chef from Sanghai as her show-stopper for the next show.
"I had always wanted to introduce show-stoppers from the non-show biz segment for my ramp walks. If we can rope in footballers, or people from other fraternity, why not chefs and for that matter a Chinese chef, who is also equally feted and applauded in a food-crazy city like Kolkata," the celebrated fashion designer told PTI on the sidelines of an art fair in the city.
The fashion show would most probably take place by February 10, 2013.
"If people can savour dishes like Xifan, Spring Onion Pancake, Shu Ma, Chu Hao Chicken to herald the year of The Snake, if people of Bengal, known for their secular and tolerant views can celebrate the Chinese New year wishing abundance and wealth, why can't they attend a fashion show themed on Chinese cuisine and highlighted by a chef from that land," Agnimitra, who designs costumes in many films, said.
"Whenever I frequent speciality restaurants in the city which specialises in Chinese delicacies, I found their offer much more lip-smacking than even in Guangzhou," Paul said.
Bringing vignettes of a 2000-year old civilisation of China into an alley of the city, city's pan-Asian restaurant 'The Wall' offered never-before tasted items like Ants Climbing on the Tree (Stir Fried Bean thread topped with minced meat) and Five Jewel Vegetable with wine sauce, both new to the city, even in the core Chinatown area.
"We have tried to create an authentic gastronomical experience for the Kolkatans with age old recipes retrieved by our chefs from china," a spokesperson said.