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Urfi Javed has been in headlines for her bold outfits since her debut in Bigg Boss OTT. She is often trolled massively for her dress, but the actress never seems to be giving attention to such trolls.

However, this time, Urfi has raked in a controversy with her comment. In an exclusive interview with IndiaToday, she shared her views on marriage and said she will never marry a Muslim man.

On being asked about the reason, she said, "I will never marry a Muslim guy. I don't believe in Islam and I don't follow any religion, so I don't care who I fall in love with. We should marry whoever we want to."

She said that religion shouldn't be forced and people should be free to choose what religion they want to follow as it comes from the heart. 

As we all know the horror and sad truth of casting couch in the entertainment industry, Urfi revealed that she was also not immune to the horrific reality.

During her conversation with IndiaToday, she revealed that she was forced into casting couch once in the initial days of her career. 

"...It just happened once when someone forced me, but I got out, so I consider myself very lucky...," she said.