Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Pawandeep Rajan shared the teaser of Arunita Kanjilal's Babul on his Instagram page.
  • The rumored couple has been supporting each other's journey consistently since they met on Indian Idol 12.

The teaser of Arunita Kanjilal’s Babul is out. Surprisingly, the first one to promote the teaser is her rumoured boyfriend Pawandeep Rajan. The Indian Idol 12 winner not only teased the release on his Instagram story but also promoted it after its release. The poster looks fabulous and quite romantic and shows a couple in traditional Indian marriage outfits and ensembles.

Arunita has sung this song with Vipin Patwa while Pawandeep has contributed to this composition as the arranger. Even though Babul is not a Pawandeep Rajan's album as a singer or as a music composer, he promoted it on his Instagram just because Arunita has sung it.

So, now a section of fans believes that Pawandeep promoting the song is a testament to his deep feelings for Arunita and how he wants her to grow and become more successful in her career. Some also termed it as 'true friendship' and 'real love' at a time when 'fame game' is often taking a toll on friendships.

Earlier, the two were spotted roaming hand in hand in the city of London which created quite uproar among the Arunita and Pawandeep fans. The rumoured couple has been almost inseparable ever since they met for the first time on Indian Idol 12.

Arunita was just beside Pawandeep as the first runner-up when the latter lifted the winner’s trophy. And since then, they have sung multiple duets together, rocked concerts in India and abroad, and even romance on the screen for music videos.

While pressure from Arunita’s family might have forced her not to share screen space with Pawandeep, the duo continues to record and share the stage almost every week. Incidentally, Arunita was the only Indian Idol 12 contestant who went to Uttarakhand to be a part of the wedding ceremony of Pawandeep’s sister.

As is known, Pawandeep can play different instruments and similar to his singing, he is also very good at music composition and arranging; and that is why he can be called a one-man industry. Together with Arunita, the duo makes a wonderful team and has emerged as one of the most successful reality show singers in India.