Not Trisha, this popular actress from Allu Arjun’s movie was first choice for Prabhas’ ‘Varsham’

Before his fame from Baahubali, Prabhas was known as a Rebel star in South India with his hit film 'Varsham' alongside Trisha. Despite initial casting plans, Trisha starred in the film, leading to significant roles in the South Indian cinema. Prabhas continues to expand his career with upcoming films like 'Kalki' and 'Spirit'.

Trisha and Prabhas in Varsham

Much before the stupendous success of Baahubali and being a pan-India star, Prabhas gained the status of Rebel star and established himself as a huge star in South with the blockbuster ‘Varsham’. Starring Prabhas and Trisha for the first time, the movie went on to become a huge blockbuster and ran housefull in theatres for over 50 days.

Initially known for his angry young man avatar, Prabash won hearts with her portrayal of a lover boy in Varsham. Over the time, the movie became a cult classic in the career of both Prabhas and Trisha. Their on-screen chemistry was much loved by fans.