Cassian Baliarsingh

Many Bollywood stars will come and go, but none can ever replace Hrithik, the Greek God of Bollywood. They don’t make them like Hrithik Roshan anymore, the one who can make you swoon with just one glance.

Yes, just one glance at Hrithik in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, and it was almost impossible to not become his fan. While he may be the God of all good looks, but that isn’t the only good thing to his credit; he is a great dancer, a supremely talented actor, a body to die for, and an all-rounder in the film industry. There is not a single reason why anyone would not be his fan.

As the handsome hunk celebrates his 50th birthday today, a fan girl shared an open letter, and every 90s kid can relate to her.

The letter reads, “Being a 90's kid I grew up watching the Khans, Govinda, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn. All of them entertained me. So the question of liking someone specific never arose. With his chocolate looks Aamir Khan was an exception. I was totally unaware of the term "fan" unless I saw @iHrithik.”

“His highs & lows started feeling personal & I started collecting pictures, something which I never did before. That's when I understood I was taking interest in this celluloid superstar, the phenomenon called @iHrithik.”

She continued, “With @iHrithik what clicked even more was Hrithik d person came through his action, his portrayals, his words. Dat made me stick around for decades. N what I realized is throughout his journey the person HR made more impact & that's what made me the biggest cheerleader in his journey.”

“People talk about dance & looks. But if we talk about craft & nuances he is absolutely unparalleled. The efforts he puts in, the way he submits himself to his craft reflects even in @iHrithik's biggest flops. So much so that he actually feels he deserves the world.”

“With that rare earnestness & humility despite climbing such height of success he works just as hard as he did as a newcomer & yes he NEVER takes d adulation for granted. That's what makes @iHrithik the artist that he's. To be precise its d craft, d values & d consistent discipline.”

“Wish you a very #HappyBirthdayHrithikRoshan. We have your back, we love you & all your joys & pains still feel personal. You started off at 25 & now as you turn 50 you are just the same @iHrithik for me & for millions like me who debuted & rose as a millennial superstar. Love always,” the letter concluded.