Poonam Singh

Social media is full of hilarious videos which go viral every day. Wedding videos are especially social media users' favourite and every now and then we come across viral wedding videos. 

Recently, one such hilarious video from a wedding went viral in which the groom’s words made the bride shy while the guests were unable to control their laughter.

In this funny clip, the bride and the groom are seen sitting together after their marriage surrounded by their family and relatives. The couple seems to be playing some games as a part of the wedding rituals.

However, when the groom shared about his plans for baby, everyone there bursts into laughter including the bride. The groom can be heard saying, "21 mein byaah, 22 mein munna."

The bride tried to hide her face and looked down while some of the girls surrounding them started teasing the bride after listening to the groom.

Watch the hilarious video here:

The video was shared by an Instagram user called, dh.iraj1305. The video has so far garnered over 3.4 million views, 1.7 likes, and hundreds of comments.

One user commented, "Clear Concepts," while another wrote, "o bhai bahut tej hai." "Bhai Rock bhabhiji shock," a third user commented.