Anupamaa Upcoming Twists: Anu and Anuj share sweet moments; Shruti to put Adhya in danger 

In India, Anu faces challenges during Dimple and Titu's wedding, especially from Vanraj. Meanwhile, the presence of Anuj Kapadia introduces new dynamics. Anu overcomes her cooking fears with Devika's support, despite past humiliations. A turning point occurs when Anuj and Anu discover Gulati's deceit, impacting Spice & Chutney's reputation. The future episodes promise intense developments as Shruti plots against Anu, endangering Aadhya.


Anupama's life continues to be a roller coaster with highs and lows. Currently in India for Dimple and Titu's wedding, Anu faces challenges from Vanraj, who continues to humiliate her. Meanwhile, Anuj Kapadia's presence adds new dynamics to her life.

In the upcoming episode, Anu and Anuj recreate the iconic chappal scene. A new promo reveals Anu going vegetable shopping with Devika. With Mr. Gulati unavailable, Anu takes charge despite her fear of cooking due to past humiliations in America. Winning the Superstar Chef Competition and co-owning Spice & Chutney turned sour when she was stripped of her title, leaving her scarred. However, Devika encourages her, reminding her of her strength as Annapurna.