Economic progress in states where BJP is in power: Sinha

New Delhi: BJP on Sunday claimed that states where it is in power have made all-round economic progress despite "obstacles" and discriminatory attitude of the central government and said that it has delivered "inclusive growth" that was actually promised by Congress.

All states where BJP is in power were facing difficulties due to the "step-motherly treatment" meted out to them by the Centre, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said at a briefing here on issues that were discussed at the BJP Chief Ministers` conclave on Saturday.

"The feeling that I got from the Chief Ministers was one of complete despair about the manner of functioning of the UPA government," he said.

Asked if this conclave was held to convey to the BJP Chief Ministers, most of whom are set to face Assembly elections within a year, to get battle-ready, Sinha said though this was not exactly the aim of the meeting, there would be nothing wrong in deriving this conclusion.

The conclave saw BJP Chief Ministers targeting the Centre for "complete policy paralysis, previously unheard of scandals and collapsing economy". They also highlighted their achievements inspite of these "challenges" from the Centre.

BJP appeared to be treading Congress line of "inclusive growth" as it claimed that in all party-ruled states, it is working for the welfare of weaker sections, including Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and women.

"Congress could not give inclusive growth but we have touched every segment. It is Sarvodaya (growth of all) strengthened by Antyodaya (welfare of the last man)," Sinha said.

Sinha alleged that instead of becoming a partner in this inclusive growth, the Centre was becoming an obstacle.

"For them (the Centre), inclusive growth means inclusive corruption, crony capitalism, over-centralisation, unbridled inflation. But now there is an emergence of an alternative model of development which is in full blossom in BJP-ruled states," he said.

BJP claimed that given a chance to govern at the Centre, it would implement this model which would entail "inclusive growth, federalism in which states will be full partners, and all institutions were in full play".

Asked if BJP was discarding its earlier `India Shining` model and going for inclusive growth which was Congress slogan in 2004, Sinha said, "Shining India model was not exclusive of inclusive growth."

He claimed that the NDA government had made many innovations for inclusive growth and `Shining India` did not mean only metros had made progress.

On whether development would be the main plank of BJP in the coming elections, Sinha said the party has been doing so since 2003. "We don`t refute that the centre-point should be development," he added.

At the conclave, the BJP Chief Ministers had complained about how they were being discriminated against in implementation of central schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana, JNNURM and Rajiv Gandhi Gram Vidyutikaran Yojana among others.

"They pointed out how accepted and evolved norms in our polity were thrown to the winds. Funds for these schemes are not disbursed to these states on flimsy grounds," Sinha said.

Despite this, the BJP-ruled states have seen more than 10 per cent growth and have contained the fiscal deficit at 2.3 per cent, he said.