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Dumduma murder mystery solved

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police on Wednesday, with the arrest of three persons, claimed to have solved the mystery behind Dumduma murder case here. According to police, the murder was fall out of a financial dispute between Priyabrata Prusty, the debtor and the mastermind of the crime and Dasarathi Behera, the victim and the loaner.
Police have arrested Prusty along with his two accomplices while six others are still absconding.
Dasarathi Behera, who hailed from Kishoreganjpatna area in Talcher, worked as a supervisor with a coal transporter. He had loaned an amount of Rs 60,000 from Priyabrata Prusty, a finance company employee in Talcher. Dasarathi had taken the amount to invest in his coal business. But the loaner never paid the loaned amount back.
As a result, Prusty resorted to this gory step as he failed to recover the money from Dasarathi.
The finance company employee lured Dasarathi on the pretext of giving him another amount of Rs 40,000 and asked him to meet him in a rented house of an auto-rickshaw driver in Dumduma, in the outskirts of the capital city where he murdered Dasarathi.
“He had asked for Rs 1 lakh, but I had lent him only Rs 60,000. Instead of returning the amount he threatened me saying that there was no other witness or proof of the deal between us. Hence, I chalked out the plan to teach him a lesson,” chief accused Priyabrata Prusty said.

“Priyabrata lured the victim to the trap on the pretext that he would lend him another Rs 40,000 to invest in his business. And finally, they executed him and had plans to dispose of the body elsewhere,” Commissioner Bijay Kumar Sharma said.

Police found the body of Dasarathi with hands and legs tied with mouth gagged and throat slit a day after the murder on May 29.

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