Downing a drink may make things worse

London: Stressed? Downing a drink may make things worse, says a new study.

Researchers have found that stress spoils the pleasant affects of alcohol which actually prolongs feelings of stress and can lead to more drinking.
Lead author Emma Childs of the University of Chicago was quoted by the `Daily Express` as saying, "Reports suggest alcohol dampens the effects of stress but this has been hard to prove."
In the study 25 men performed a stressful task and a non-stressful task. After each they were given injections containing alcohol or a placebo.
Childs said: "The results showed that alcohol can change the way the body deals with stress. It can decrease the hormone cortisol which the body releases to respond to stress and it can prolong the feelings of tension.
"By altering the way our bodies deal with stress, we may increase the risks of stress-related diseases, not the least of which is alcohol addiction."