Digvijay attacks Team Anna once again

New Delhi: Congress leader Digvijay Singh today took a dig at Team Anna on its decision to return around Rs 42 lakhs to donors who had sent money to them during the last six months.

"Superb, Team Anna to do an impossible Act. Return 40 Lakhs to unknown Donors. Only the Super Heroes can collect from unknown and return them," Singh said in a twitter post.

Singh`s remarks came as Team Anna decided to return Rs 42.55 lakh to donors who "did not provide their complete details and their sources of funding".

In another post, he took a swipe at Sri Sri Ravishankar`s anti-corruption campaign launched in Karnataka. "Sri Sri Ravishankar on the Roll in UP against corruption ! Again I have been proved correct. Anna/Gadkari want me to go to mental asylum..Charity begins at home. Shouldn`t Sri Sri Ravishankar have begun his campaign from Karnatak ? But then, love is blind !," Singh said.

Ravi Shankar had on Monday said his proposed tour to Uttar Pradesh is a regular satsang-religious gathering-and has no "ulterior motive or political agenda".