Digital & print, both versions of books will co-exist

Kolkata: Pointing out that printed word faces no threat from e-books, young writers and celebrities from show business are of the opinion that both the versions are here to co-exist.

“I love to read books – hardbound or paper backs. I find immense pleasure in poring through pages which can’t be replicated by online reading. Just like Facebook can’t replace physical chatting, book reading can’t ever be subjugated,” popular writer Sangeeta Ghosh said at a recent debate on ‘The Future of Online Buying’.

Echoing her, poet Subodh Sarkar said “I am not hooked to the Net, to virtual reading and the virtual world. And I am fascinated with paper and words.”

“Books have a committed readerbase and the number is expanding. We face no threat from the online world,” he said in the debate organized by, an online store of Bengali titles.

Lead singer of Chandrabindoo band Anindyo said, “We can’t escape the fact that social network, online book stores and mails are the tools of communication for the new generation. E-books are the future though printed matter will continue to be in vogue. But there is no point in wishing away the new emerging truths and reality.”

Actor Deb Shankar Halder, whose portrayal of a jailor earned him plaudits in the film ‘Muktodhara’, said “I am not into social networking sites and I don’t follow on line buying route. So (printed) books will sustain me in days to come.”

Actress Ushashi, whose character of a TV journalist got rave reviews in national award winner Ranjana Ami Aar Asbona, felt even if she buys online editions of books due to the price factor, she would again got print outs of them and not strain her eyesight by reading the text on screen. “So even if I am an e-book reader, at the end of the day I like to read the same as printed matter,” she said.

A spokesman of said “Popularised by people staying abroad, online buying has gradually become the order of the day even for Bengali titles. One can also buy literary works in English from,” he said.