Criminals turning to guns in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Gun culture is catching up fast in the state capital. Courtesy: illegal trade, trafficking and manufacturing units gaining foothold in the state.

The recent crime history reveals that the criminals have upgraded from traditional weapons to firearms. Following arrests, revolvers, guns and other modern weapons were seized from them which drag the pointer towards easy access to firearms.

As per reports, the guns are available at price ranging from Rs 2, 000 to Rs 2 lakh. These arms are being illegally routed to Odisha from Nepal via Bihar. Besides, operators procure these from Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam too.

“The firearms are being trafficked from three routes mainly. They are—from Nepal via Bihar, MP, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. When a criminal is arrested, police should extract information about the supply network. For this, a special drive is needed,”  former police DG S N Tiwari said.

Illegal firearm manufacturing units in Bihar’s Munger district cater to demands of criminals. These weapons are trafficked from the neighbouring state to Jharsuguda, Rourkela and Sundargarh.

In Odisha, illegal units in Ganjam, Nayagarh and Cuttack are also flourishing under the nose of law enforcing agencies. Under the Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rule 1962, possession of firearms without license is a punishable offence. Besides, license is also mandatory for manufacturing of firearms. Under Sec 25, 26 and 27 of Arms Act, illegally possessing, trading or trafficking of fire arms is punishable.

“Firstly, the crime rate is not increasing in the city. Whenever we get to know about any source, we interrogate them and analyze their leads. We have sources in state as well as outside Odisha. We conduct regular raids and nab the culprits,” Bhubaneswar DCP Himanshu Lal said.