Cong endorses Advani opposition to right to recall

New Delhi: Congress on Saturday expressed its endorsement of L K Advani`s opposition to Team Anna`s demand for a right to recall elected representatives saying such a measure is impossible in a country like India.

"Even Advani and BJP tend to speak sometimes correctly. Congress leaders have been saying it for long, though any final official opinion on it has not been taken by the party. But many Congress leaders have voiced their opinion on it.

The idea (of right to recall) is not workable in a country of the size of India. It is impossible. This is the opinion of a large number of balanced people. I agree with Advani," party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told reporters here. His reaction came a day after Advani in Kolkata opposed the demand saying it would lead to perpetual instability in the country.

The BJP leader said the proposal for right to recall has not been accepted in most countries except for a few small nations. "I am opposed to this. In a huge country like India, the right to recall will lead to perpetual instability," Advani told reporters there during his anti corruption rally.

Singhvi, at the same time took a swipe at the BJP leader for cancelling his October 30 public rally in Bangalore against the backdrop of former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa landing in jail and some other BJP leaders coming under a cloud.

"Advani can cancel his rally in Bangalore how can he erase the public memory of all that happened in the Karnataka capital for last three years and that the strong symbol of that (former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa) being in jail. I donot think BJP or Advani can erase the invisible image of Yeddyurappa.., which is imprinted on people`s mind, This will continue to haunt Advani and BJP," Singhvi said.